Financial Reporting Taxonomies - Acknowledged

Acknowledged Taxonomies are recognised by XBRL International as being in compliance with the XBRL Specification. Compliance is confirmed by testing a taxonomy in a defined range of XBRL applications which may be upgraded and changed from time to time. The Taxonomy Recognition process does not specifically address other issues such as ease-of-use or the completeness of accounting/reporting content.

XII Acknowledged Taxonomies are:

Specification 2.1 - Final

Specification 2.1 - Working Drafts

  • Global Common Data Taxonomies August 15, 2005
    The XBRL International Global Common Data (GCD) taxonomies cover a range of information commonly used in business reporting. This includes entity information (such as names, identifying codes, operational and legal status, contacts, websites, officers, third party agents ), instance doc information (version, unique identifiers, authors, contacts, revision history), reporting periods (including standard financial reporting dates) and general purpose information (including countries, languages, exchanges, currencies and ways of representing addresses and phone numbers). The GCD is expected to be an important building block in many jurisdictional and other taxonomies. Click on the headline above to see a schematic overview of the GCD with links to individual taxonomies.

    Explanatory document - Essential reading for users and reviewers of the GCD.
    ZIP - full set of GCD taxonomy files, with explanatory document and Excel views.

Specification 2.0 - Final

Specification 2.0 - Working Drafts

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