XBRL Global Ledger Taxonomy Files

Files for the XBRL Global Ledger taxonomies are listed below. New implementations should use the XBRL Global Ledger Framework RECOMMENDATION. All future Global Ledger taxonomy development will use this taxonomy as a starting point. Previous Global Ledger taxonomies, including those based on earlier versions of the XBRL specification, are listed below simply for reference purposes.

Spec 2.1 Taxonomy

  • XBRL Global Ledger Framework - with Japanese Labels - PR April 12, 2010
    Japanese labels have been produced and the GLTFTA document updated to reflect the new architecture for the taxonomy components that has been designed to accomodate different language labels.

    This is now in Proposed Recommendation status, which indicates that it is anticipated that this will also be the final RECOMMENDATION version of the taxonomy. It is therefore in the "Call for Review of a Proposed Recommendation" status.

    Once the 45 day review period is over (2010-06-13) the XSB and ISC will be asked to issue it as a RECOMMENDATION.

    Feedback may be sent to gl@xbrl.org




Spec 2.0a Taxonomy

  • XBRL GL Version 1.1
    This includes a business elements extension, multiple currencies extension and Saxonic elements extension. Compliant with Specification 2.0a. Acknowledged status, draft version.

    Taxonomy zip file
    Taxonomy documents zip

Spec 2.0 Taxonomy

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