Link Role Registry

The XBRL Specification provides a set of standard XLink roles and arc roles that may appear in XBRL instances and linkbases. Broadening use of XBRL is leading to the proposal of new, non-standard roles which have common and useful semantics. The XBRL Link Role Registry (LRR) is a public, online listing of these non-standard roles.  It provides structured information about their purpose, usage, and any intended impact on XBRL instance validation.

The Specification document listed below describes the LRR and the process by which it is is updated.  This process is intended to maximise the utility and longevity of the new roles and the taxonomies that use them.

The latest version of the LRR is always on the URL

Link Role Registry - Specification   September 15, 2008

These documents describe the XBRL International Link Role Registry (LRR) and the process by which it is updated.

The latest version was updated 2008-07-31 and published 2008-09-15. This version replaces the original version dated 2006-02-21

LRR Structure

LRR Process

The previous versions are available for reference from the links below:
RTF - Normative version  
HTML version

Submissions for the Link Role Registry should be sent to the Link Role Registry Approval Group at

The schema for the LRR can be found at:

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