Taxonomies, as explained in How XBRL Works, are the reporting-area specific hierarchical dictionaries used by the XBRL community. They define the specific tags that are used for individual items of data (such as "net profit"), their attributes and their interrelationships. Different taxonomies will be required for different business reporting purposes. Some national jurisdictions may need their own reporting taxonomies to reflect local accounting and other reporting regulations. Many different organisations, including regulators, specific industries or even companies, may require taxonomies or taxonomy extensions to cover their own specific business reporting needs.

Taxonomies which have been officially recognised by XBRL International are listed under  "Recognized Taxonomies". Details on how the taxononmy recognition process operates along with instructions on submitting taxonomies can be found under the "Taxonomies Recognition Process" page.

A special taxonomy developed and recommended by XII itself has also been designed to support collation of detailed, drill-down data focusing on internal reporting within organisations. This is the Global Ledger (GL) taxonomy.

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