Membership Options

How to Join

Companies and individuals seeking to participate in XII have multiple options:

Direct Membership in XII -- this confers participation rights to all employees on a global basis. 

Jurisdiction Membership -- this option confers participation rights to employees within a specific geographic location.

It is possible to be BOTH a Direct Member of XII and a Jurisdiction Member. Organisations with European interests may join XBRL Europe.

If you are unsure of which membership option is best for you, please refer to our Membership Decision Matrix.  

Benefits of Membership

  • Participation rights in workgroups, task forces and other technical activities
  • Access to resources and knowledge that will assist in your XBRL projects and career
  • Thought leadership and valuable marketing opportunities
  • Newsletters, iBR Magazine and access to inside information that will help you make better business decisions.

Click here to see a full list of the Benefits of Membership

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