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The Core GCD defines a set of elements, tuple structures and datatypes which provide a foundation for the GCD.


The Main Data Types taxonomy provides a set of elements to extend the basic information represented in the core taxonomy. Among other things, it defines various types of third party agent (banker, accountant, lawyer, underwriter etc.), types of entity contact (investor relations, sales, technical etc), types of website (media relations etc.), types of general contact (day, night, emergency etc), types of address (street, postal) and types of phone number (mobile, landline etc.)


The Countries Taxonomy provides elements representing countries based on the International Standards Organisation (ISO) countries standard.


The Languages Taxonomy provides elements representing languages based on the ISO languages standard


The Exchanges Taxonomy provides elements representing stock exchanges based on the ISO market identification code (MIC) standard


The Currencies Taxonomy provides elements representing currencies based on the ISO currencies standard.


The Entry-point Taxonomy and the Presentation Taxonomy provide convenient single points of entry or reference to the GCD for those wishing to use the GCD DTS. The Entry-point taxonomy simply imports all the GCD components. The Presentation Taxonomy does the same but adds a presentation linkbase so that the elements and components can be viewed in a structured and intelligible way. In practice, prospective users and reviewers will want to use the Presentation Taxonomy to view and understand the GCD, but taxonomy authors may want to import the Entry-point Taxonomy so they are not encumbered by the presentation of the full GCD content. They can then select or organise the presentation of relevant GCD elements via their own presentation linkbase(s).



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