XBRL US SEC Certification Taxonomy 1.0

Purpose and Scope

US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Certifications that may accompany the external financial reports of public companies.







Approval Level

XBRL International Approved

Specification version

XBRL Specification Version 2.1 with errata dated 2006-12-18.




This supersedes 1.0 beta 2 version of the same taxonomy.


http://xbrl.us/seccert/2008-03-31 (all elements)

Namespace prefix


Physical location of taxonomy files

http://xbrl.us/us-gaap/1.0/non-gaap/seccert-ent-2008-03-31.xsd (default)

http://xbrl.us/us-gaap/1.0/non-gaap/seccert-all-2008-03-31.xsd (documentation)


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