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Technical Work

  • Technical development, testing and review of XBRL specifications by expert staff.
  • Staff support for expert volunteer work in the design, development and testing of XBRL specifications.
  • The technical and organisational infrastructure that helps ensure the quality and consistency of XBRL specifications.
  • The governance functions that ensure that specifications are developed openly and fairly.

Guidance Work

  • Development and later maintenance of guidance materials in the new “Body of Knowledge” framework.
  • New! Creation of XBRL training and certification standards, and authorisation of training and certification organisations.
  • Maintenance and expert moderation of XBRL International member fora, answering your questions.

Outreach Work

  • Development and delivery of advocacy, outreach and education to regulators, accounting professionals, software vendors and businesses, worldwide, by XBRL staff.
  • Development and hosting of XBRL International conferences and events by XBRL staff.
  • Active engagement with significant number of related standards and regulatory environments to help improve reporting worldwide.

Global Reporting Work

  • Support for the development and publication of agreed international definitions for key reporting frameworks
  • Research into reporting technology and patterns to further develop the capabilities and utility of the XBRL standards and make reporting better.



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