Getting Started for Business

Companies that are obliged to file regulatory returns are increasingly required to do so in XBRL or iXBRL format. What do people charged with this responsibility need to know? What are the different ways that compliant XBRL documents can be created? We answer some of those questions here. What are the different approaches to preparing […]

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Getting Started for Regulators

Regulators collect significant quantities of data from businesses in order to carry out their regulatory obligations. Right around the world, regulators are using the XBRL standard in order to improve reporting. The standard provides a well defined mechanism to: provide end-to-end integrity, with system-to-system connections, or alternatively form/template based assistance, to simplify and lower the costs […]

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Getting Started for Developers

Need to work out where to start? Software developers tend to do one of two things when first approaching XBRL. They make an assumption that it’s “just” XML and consequently underestimate the size of the task they have. Or, they get bogged down in the formal specifications and overestimate the size of the task. This […]

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Software Certification

What is XBRL Certified Software™? The XBRL International Software Certification Programme allows compliant software to obtain and display an annual accreditation confirming its conformance to the XBRL specifications.  By selecting XBRL Certified Software, users can be confident that the software has been tested using the comprehensive conformance suites that XBRL International uses to ensure interoperability between […]

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