True North

Product Description

"True North® offers different approaches, including a number of optional modules, to cater for individual XBRL processing and validation requirements. Sample True North applications are provided with all versions, along with full documentation to help you get started.

- True North Enterprise XBRL Processor: optimised for use in high-load, enterprise XBRL filing systems and available in streaming validator mode for greatly reduced memory utilisation, leading to improved efficiency in the handling of large instance documents.
- True North XBRL Processor: provides validation and processing for low volume XBRL filing systems, produces XBRL data as part of an existing application and offers a way of consuming XBRL data within an existing analysis system.
- True North Web Service Processor: provides XBRL and iXBRL validation and processing through a web service interface, enabling easy integration with all platforms.

Optional modules:
- iXBRL Validation and Processing: a powerful, enterprise-strength tool that validates inline XBRL documents and allows extraction of the underlying XBRL for further processing.
- XBRL Transformation: produces a developer-friendly representation of XBRL data for use in business systems.
- Sphinx Validation: Sphinx is a rules creation language that can be used to define compliance rules that allow anomalies to be flagged instantly.
- XII Formula validation: allows enterprise quality processing and validation of Formula linkbases.
- Table Linkbase Processor: this was the first Reference Implementation of the Table Linkbase specification following its approval as a Recommendation by XII in March 2014. The Table Linkbase is a fundamental part of the CRD IV and Solvency II taxonomies, and a reliable implementation is vital for accurate reproduction of the table structure as designed by the regulator.

Key elements of the solution
- Full XBRL compliance: fully compliant with the XBRL 2.1 specification
- Inline XBRL conformance - the True North iXBRL Processor is a dedicated module to assist compliance with the Inline XBRL specification.
- Highlighting discrepancies: True North flags any XBRL compliance errors, referencing the relevant section of the specification
- Simplified XBRL interaction: from a development perspective, True North provides a straightforward approach to handling XBRL information within applications and business processes. The comprehensive read/write API provides the flexibility to benefit from XBRL functionality without being impeded by the complexities of the specification."

Tool Features
  • Instance Document Validation
  • Taxonomy Validation
  • XBRL Processors/Software Libraries
Company Description

CoreFiling specialise in XBRL. Regulators, government agencies and corporations around the world rely on CoreFiling for XBRL-based performance reporting solutions. Senior management and developers are active members of the XBRL consortium which oversees the development of the XBRL specifications.


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