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Posted on October 12, 2017 by Angela Rose

Blockchain standardization efforts and XBRL: Bringing the needs and knowledge of the XBRL community to the foundations of Blockchain development




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In this session:
One of XBRL’s most long standing contributors and frequent ambassador to other standards groups, Eric Cohen, will discuss the current activities of ISO/TC 307 and seek feedback and support. Participants will:
• Learn about ISO/TC 307’s scope, existing working group and study group activities, and upcoming plenary
• Hear about decisions being made within the working and study groups where the views of the XBRL community need to be heard
• Consider the value of Blockchain to XBRL (e.g., as a wrapper for secure transmission of XBRL payload), and the value of XBRL to Blockchain (e.g., as standardized vocabulary for smart contracts).

Blockchain technology – and related standardization – is moving forward, and the XBRL community can contribute to related international standardization efforts for our mutual interest. ISO/TC (technical committee) 307, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies, has participants representing 22 national mirror committees as well as liaison groups like the European Community, SWIFT and ISO/TC 68. Although early in development, five study groups and a working group are laying the foundations of agreement on terminology and recommendations on projects for the short and mid-term.

From its inception, XBRL has aimed to be payload, and has deliberately not provided means of secure transmission dealing with data integrity or confidentiality. Blockchain/DLT may be an important means of accomplishing these goals.

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Eric Cohen, of Cohen Computer Consulting, is a co-founder of XBRL and the originator of XBRL’s Global Ledger Taxonomy Framework. He has been active in ISO/PC 295 Audit Data Collection and ISO/TC 307 Blockchain and Distibuted Ledger Technologies, serving as an “Expert” on numerous of the related sub-groups. Cohen Computer Consulting provides consulting services on audit data standards, Blockchain, continuous auditing and XBRL.



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