Unlocking Investor Insights: IFRS Emphasises Industry-Specific Disclosures

Posted on February 23, 2024 by Editor

A recent webcast by the IFRS Foundation sheds light on the significance of industry-specific disclosures to investors, emphasising their role in providing decision-useful insights.

In addition, the webcast introduces educational material aimed at assisting companies in utilising the SASB Standards to fulfil the requirements outlined in IFRS S1, known as General Requirements for Disclosure of Sustainability-related Financial Information.

Elizabeth Seeger, ISSB member, Richard Manley, Chief Sustainability Officer for CPP Investments, and Takeo Omori, Head of Stewardship Group at Asset Management One, delved into the reasons behind investors’ reliance on industry-specific information and elucidated why such requirements are pivotal in the ISSB Standards.

IFRS S1 mandates companies to disclose material sustainability-related risks and opportunities that could impact their cash flows, access to finance, or cost of capital across short, medium, or long terms. To aid compliance with these requirements, the ISSB recommends leveraging the SASB Standards which provides a series of industry (or sectoral) breakdowns.

For more insights, watch the webcast featuring global investors’ perspectives on industry-specific disclosures and review the educational material detailing the integration of SASB Standards with IFRS S1 requirements.

Read more here.

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