XBRL International announces first XBRL Certified Software™

Posted on November 7, 2017 by Paul Warren

At the opening of its annual Data Amplified conference on the future of business reporting, XBRL International, Inc. announced the first software applications to achieve XBRL Certified Software™. status.

“XBRL software certification makes it easier for everyone involved in 21st century corporate, regulatory and enterprise reporting to ensure that information that is prepared in one place using a certified software package can be accurately and seamlessly consumed in another,” said John Turner, CEO of XBRL International. “Our certification builds confidence among those relying on the software – such as issuers, accountants, service providers and regulators – to make XBRL-tagged data easily usable across multiple platforms.”

Certified XBRL Software has been tested by XBRL International against thousands of conformance suite tests that objectively prove the interoperability of software that produces or consumes XBRL-tagged information.

The first software applications to be certified are:

  • AMANA XBRL Engine (AMANA Consulting)
  • Arelle (Mark V Systems)
  • Interstage XWand Runtime (Fujitsu)
  • Interstage XWand Toolkit (Fujitsu)
  • Merrill Bridge (Merrill Corporation)
  • True North (CoreFiling)
  • True North Connectors (CoreFiling)
  • RS API (Reporting Estándar S.L.)
  • Seahorse (CoreFiling)
  • Wdesk (Workiva).

They each will be able to publicly display the official Certified XBRL Software mark, with details of the tests they passed available on the XBRL Certified Software Programme website (https://software.xbrl.org).

“Certification provides an objective measure about the XBRL capabilities of software in the market that users can consider when making decisions about the software packages they use,” added Turner. “Our certification also provides a performance benchmark for XBRL software vendors, and as XBRL software certification expands globally, it will not only help expand the utility and interoperability of XBRL data, it will ensure that objective measures are in place to support standardised reporting around the world.”

Software vendors who are interested in joining the certification programme can learn more and apply for certification via the XBRL website.

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