AMANA SmartNotes

Product Description

SmartNotes by AMANA consulting was tailored to optimise the build process of financial
reports. The flexible and user-friendly content management system can be
used to generate all external and internal reports, whether it is an annual report or a
presentation for the executive or the supervisory board.

SmartNotes provides a highly flexible import-processor which is able to import data
from a variety of source systems, e.g. RFC (SAP), Web-Service or Flat-File Import. These
data are transfered into the texts or tables.

If new data is imported into SmartNotes, all changes in tables and texts, which have
been caused by the latest import, will be marked explicitly. When it comes to tight
deadlines during the report creation process of the financial statement, it will help
you to recognise the parts of the financial report that need reviewing. All data changes
will be documented at all times so that manual interference (i.e. roundings) can be
traced back.

SmartNotes validates the consistency of imported data. In doing so, the software ensures that
coherences between different report chapters are also displayed consistently which
allows you to recognise rounding differences immediately. Using the integrated rounding
function you can smooth away all differences caused by roundings quickly and

SmartNotes uses an integrated XBRL processor which supports “tagging” the report
data via drag-and-drop. In doing so, you can generate an XBRL instance with the
latest numbers with the push of a button. The existing validation routines support the
transmission of XBRL instances that are correct in terms of content and formality,
e.g. SEC Filings.

Tool Features
  • Data Aggregation/Publishing
  • Filing Preparation
  • Instance Document Creation
  • Instance Document Validation
  • Quality Assurance
  • XBRL Collaboration Tools
Company Description

Regardless of whether companies are active regionally or globally - in every decision tax issues play a role. Therefore, we develop flexible, user-friendly intelligent systems. Here we meet the highest standards, raise success factors and set standards for your long-term success. The implementation take individually assembled teams of experts in cooperation with competent and experienced partners. A designated contact person available to you and your company for all matters permanently available.

We, AMANA consulting GmbH, since April 2011 take-software solutions and IT-related topics from the successful accounting advice from PricewaterhouseCoopers AG WPG [PwC]. Our dynamic management consultancy offers domestic and international customers leading software solutions along with services for accounting, controlling and taxes.

Our solutions are covering the central group of subjects:

Income and sales tax with the GlobalTaxCenter
Tax accounting and eBilanz as an integrated process with SmartTaxBalance
Reporting and Lay Out with Smart Notes
Lease agreements with the Global Centre Lease
Risk management with the flexible Questionnaire
Special reporting tool with the IFRS 9
XBRL reporting for banks and insurance SmartNotes

We ensure the smooth integration of solutions into your IT environment and streamline your processes. To offer a qualified consulting and examination are integrated, this is important to optimal synergies. We therefore attach great importance to the professional development and adaptation of the solutions to new requirements and needs. You benefit from our years of experience at the interface between business and IT.


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