Three Easy Steps


Product Description

A Simple, Innovative and Affordable Solution to Make Your Existing Information System Deliver Better Results.

Business data standardization with XBRL reduces costs and time wasted on chasing data:

• It allows organizations like yours to use software applications and processes that deliver better results than traditional proprietary software, faster and for a fraction of the cost
• It empowers business users in your team to interact directly and efficiently with the data stored in your accounting and operational software to get the information they need, the way they need it
• It does not require any investment in replacing or modifying the software applications that your organization currently uses

Three Easy Steps is a flat-fee package of software tools and consulting services that will allow you to put XBRL to work in your organization. IPHIX is a global leader in this field, and our experts will walk your team through each step in the process – and if at the end you are not satisfied, we will offer you a full refund, no questions asked! Together, we will:

1. Identify a “pain point”. Identify a data-related process that is a “pain point” in your organization, such as a spreadsheet that is maintained manually on a regular basis. The focus of the Three Easy Step project will be to remove that pain point, replacing it with an automated solution based on business data standardization.

2. Define “success”. What would you consider a success in addressing that pain point? Business data standardization is an innovative concept, and the main goal of a Three Easy Steps package is to explore the technology and the tools available to leverage it, and understand its potential while at the same time solving one specific existing problem within your organization. The scope of a Three Easy Steps project must be well defined in nature and limited in scope so that it can be completed quickly, but significant enough to have a positive impact.

3. Execute. XKUBED is the software application that we created to make the benefits of XBRL and business data standardization available to organizations of any size and in any sector or industry. Each Three Easy Steps package includes a perpetual user license for the configuration of XKUBED selected to address your specific pain point. In addition, our experts will work with your team to understand where the relevant information is stored in your system, will create an interface between those systems and XKUBED, and will deliver the result agreed in steps 1 and 2 – all for a one-time, pre-defined, affordable fee, with a full money-back guarantee.

Here are some recent examples of successful Three Easy Steps projects:

• Automated generation of compliance reports, management reports, reports for the organization’s CPA or auditor
• Creation of interactive dashboards to track the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of choice
• Creation of automated interfaces to exchange data from one application to another
• Automated population of spreadsheets with information extracted from the organization’s accounting or operational software


  • CRD IV Reporting
  • Filing in China
  • Filing in France
  • Filing in Germany
  • Filing in India
  • Filing in the US
  • Filing in the UK
  • Taxonomy Creation, Maintenance, Enhancement
  • Training
  • XBRL Consulting
  • XBRL GL Consulting
  • Other

Company Description

IPHIX® is globally acknowledged as a leader in XBRL since 2004. We actively participate in various technical and best practices working groups within XBRL International, where we contribute to the development of the XBRL family of Specifications.

We have extensive experience in the implementation of XBRL both in the Government and in the private sector, and we are the architects of several XBRL taxonomies globally. Our clients portfolio includes Governments in various countries and global companies as well as leading professional, consulting and technology firms.


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