AGUILONIUS FactsConverter©

Product Description

FactsConverter© is Aguilonius’ easy-to-use but advanced software plug-in on Microsoft Excel. The tool enables you to prepare your reports directly in Excel workbooks and to convert data in the XBRL format. Its modular approach allows you to deal with only specific parts of the reporting set. FactsConverter© will also assist you in the validation of your data against the rules available in the underlying XBRL taxonomy and enable you to generate 100% flawless XBRL files that will pass without worries with your regulator.
Eurofiling taxonomy architecture compatible.

Tool Features
  • CRD IV Reporting
  • Filing Preparation
  • Instance Document Creation
  • Instance Document Validation
  • Instance Document Viewing
  • Quality Assurance
Company Description

Aguilonius is a Brussels-based partnership, founded by top experts with decades of experience in the wide area of regulatory or prudential reporting, related to the financial services industry, and more specifically around the knowledge domains of Belgian GAAP, IFRS and XBRL.

Aguilonius' co founder Derek De Brandt was team member of the project team of "XBRL in Europe", by the EU Commission funded project which widely studied and introduced the standard in Europe between 2002 and 2004.

The company develops software components to comply with regulatory reporting in XBRL to predominantly European supervisors, and covers since 2007 the f.k.a. CEBS XBRL reporting challenges up to the EBA CRDIV frameworks and EIOPA's SOLVENCY II framework.

Aguilonius is preferred supplier in the specialised area of regulatory reporting (XBRL, COREP, FINREP, IFRS, SOLVENCY II,...) to many financial institutions, both on the preparer side and the supervisor side.


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