Product Description

How Will You Use idaciti?

Whether you’re worried you can’t trust the numbers—or you simply don’t want to spend hours finding them—there’s an idaciti solution for you.

Large company or small… If you want to solve problems by capitalizing on the abundance of financial and non-financial information that is publicly available, consider idaciti.

idaciti Company Explorer
Financial information at your fingertips

Access earnings releases, annual and quarterly filings, and other significant corporate events in real-time. Follow companies and get notifications when filings are public.

Set up custom peer groups and custom financial templates to benchmark data the way you want to.

Download financial statements and tables to Excel, view how companies reconcile their non-GAAP KPIs from GAAP measures, benchmark companies based on industry-specific KPIs, and more.

idaciti API
Real-time integration with your workflow

Streamline data ingestion with one-click tracebacks— each data point can be traced back to the original filing and location, so you know where it came from and how it was computed.

Get organized, normalized data with confidence and full traceability.
Instantly access data from filings filed to the SEC and other regulators.

idaciti Research
Your “search engine” for financial disclosures

Research millions of disclosures and get results in seconds.

See relevant highlights ranked in a search-engine-like display.

Save search criteria in a research card that automatically refreshes when new disclosures become available.

idaciti Analysis
Unlock the power of data and insight

Communicate your findings with financial data visualization and interactive storyboarding tools.

Use purpose-built financial charts to help you discover what your data is really telling you.

Share analyses—or collaborate on data presentations—with stakeholders.

idaciti Inline XBRL Viewer
Find the numbers—and what they mean

Analyze data and read contextual information in the browser.

View, filter and search with instant and interactive trending and benchmarking capability.

Comply with accuracy and confidence. Execute extensive validation checks before you file with the SEC—including EFM (SEC EDGAR Filing Manual), DQC (XBRL-US Data Quality Checks,) and more.

Tool Features
  • Analytical Tools
  • Data Aggregation/Publishing
  • Instance Document Viewing
  • Quality Assurance
Company Description

idaciti was founded by Emily Huang and Christine Tan in 2015 to modernize the consumption of financial and non-financial data. Getting clean and normalized data rooted in XBRL is just the starting point. Advanced data visualizations and storyboards enable our users to turn data into insight with ease.

Our advisors include Leslie Seidman, the former chairman of FASB and Hudson Hollister, the founder and Executive Director of the Data Coalition.


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