Product Description

IRIS iFILE is an end to end electronic filing framework for regulatory reporting. Comprising several modular components, the framework allows for easy management of the various stages of the disclosure management lifecycle. The framework can be configured for any reporting environment and uses the XBRL information standard as the core format for data collection and validation. It can be installed out of the box as well as customised to meet a specific requirement.

IRIS iFILE is divided into filer and regulator modules. The filer modules allow the filer to create an XBRL instance document for filing a disclosure with the regulator.

The regulator modules consist of several applications stitched together by a portal solution. These components allow the regulator to accept, validate and store instance documents. It also allows the regulator to manage and publish the taxonomy, filings and filing calendar.

IRIS iFILE Client (Desktop and Web):

IRIS iFILE client, the desktop version works on the desktop security environment. The desktop application is an add-in to MS® Excel ® and enables the filer to prepare information in the XBRL format. The taxonomy (or multiple taxonomies) can be pre-loaded in the software. IRIS iFILE Client is an extremely easy to use application. The IRIS iFILE client has an integrated taxonomy editor for extending the taxonomy and creating custom link bases.

IRIS iFILE Web, is an online form which gets created dynamically based on the taxonomy. All the filer needs to do is fill in the form with the data and click on create XBRL instance document. The user can create a partial file as well as save data and work at his own pace. The filer can also see all XBRL properties of any element in the taxonomy. Web forms supports many features including rich text, and importing from MS® Excel ® spread sheets.

The IRIS iFILE Server suite comes with an XBRL validation engine, a rendering engine, a workflow application, a data store and retrieval module, a shredding engine for pushing the data into a database, user management, company registration and management, taxonomy and template management modules. It also features a powerful calendar module which can be configured for every company and can send out alerts to companies with filing due dates.

Tool Features
  • Data Aggregation/Publishing
  • Filing Preparation
  • Instance Document Creation
  • Instance Document Validation
  • Instance Document Viewing
  • Taxonomy Viewing
  • XBRL Processors/Software Libraries
Company Description

IRIS Business Services Limited is a leading structured data solutions company with global presence in regulatory and compliance reporting software. The firm is uniquely positioned with offerings across the spectrum of creation, management and use of structured data in the realm of business and financial reporting.

IRIS serves a client base that includes regulators in over a dozen countries around the world, leading banks, financial market intermediaries, consulting firms, financial printers as well as large and small enterprises. Our partner network includes the Big 4 accounting firms, system integrators and specialized software and consulting firms that use IRIS’ products and expertise to enhance their offerings to end clients.

Learn more about us at: www.irisbusiness.com


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