Semansys xbrlOne Control

Product Description

The overall goal of Semansys xbrlControl is to allow any company to setup and maintain calculation models to derive new data from an XBRL instance document and or to define audit and control models to ensure the completeness, correctness and compliance with requirements. Any financial professional will be able to define models and run the processes by using Semansys xbrlControl.

Users can consider flexible designs of the models with Semansys xbrlControl. Users can create holistic models and separate modules in sub models. The Semansys xbrlControl allows maintaining seperate files for lookup, variable
definitions, constants and/or sub models. Separate files are reusable over different models. Files can be uploaded locally or from the web server.

Semansys xbrlControl processor
Semansys xbrlControl is fully XBRL driven. The processor of Semansys xbrlControl allows maximum use of the sophisticated and globally used xbrlOne
technology. The Semansys xbrlControl processor recognize and work with any available taxonomy, all data types, contexts, tuples, context schema and XBRL
Dimensional taxonomies. With Semansys xbrlControl any financial user can make maximum use of the XBRL concepts and components to compose the business models. The Semansys xbrlControl models are described in standard XML files.

Audit & control
Companies who produce XBRL instance documents want to ensure that the data is complete, correct and compliant. To allow this companies can make control models to ensure the quality of the business data with Semansys xbrlControl.

Internal and external auditors
Auditors have the tendencies to build assurance protocols. With Semansys xbrlControl auditors can create assurance processes and protocols to
deliver XBRL assurance solution with a range of audit and control related modules and processes.

Ratio models
Semansys xbrlControl makes it extremely easy to define ratios from an XBRL instance document. Ratios can be simple or complex. The results can be communicated via an HTML report, stored in a database or integrated
further in other applications.

Companies can embed Semansys xbrlControl easily in any other application. The Semansys xbrlControl can be utilized on a web services platform and it can be included in any desktop software (API). Through the SOAP web services
connectivity and the SQL database integration allows any company or software vendor to utilize the system as desired.

Semansys xbrlControl is available on the open web services platform of xbrlOne. Any user can use his own calculation models. The XBRL Data
Warehouse can store detailed results and store the XBRL instance document. Using the flexible query mechanism of the xbrlOne platform give results of the data per company and per XBRL instance document. Each model can be
retrieved if requested with facts from the original XBRL instance document.

Models, lookup tables and results are stored in XML files. Financial users can generate this manually, generate from other systems and or store and use any way it’s needed. With the XBRL Data Warehouse financial users can store their data which will contain and provide business data for companies. Business
data is stored per country, per region, per city and per industry and per individual company.

Variables and business rules
Variables are used as identifiers for XBRL facts. Business rules are expressions used to generate new data or to validate existing XBRL facts.

All model information can be stored in a database. Financial users are able to store models, business rules, fact values and calculation results.

- Any business model and assurance process
- Use of non-XBRL or external data
- Easy to setup
- No deep XBRL knowledge needed
- Modularity
- Reusable sub models
- Database integration and automatic store of results
- Fits easily in any other application
- Connectivity to Databases
- Rapid development
- Load files locally or from web server

Tool Features
  • Instance Document Creation
  • Instance Document Validation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Taxonomy Creation
  • Taxonomy Validation
Company Description

Semansys Technologies is a leading vendor of software solutions for financial reporting and business monitoring based on semantics and XBRL. The company offers a uniquely comprehensive solution set that increases speed, quality and transparency in the exchange of information throughout 'the financial supply chain'. The software helps regulators reduce risks and administrative burden.

For preparers of XBRL based business reports, Semansys provide easy to use and efficient reporting solutions. The products range include:

- Easy to use desktop solutions for taxonomy building, XBRL reporting and XBRL viewing.

- Semansys built the first online XBRL solution: xbrlOne. This Cloud –SaaS for XBRL solution provides taxonomy building for regulators and businesses, XBRL creation, validation for core XBRL, Formula Linkbase and Dutch banks SVR validation, XBRL rendering, Inline XBRL and additionally document management, communication and archive. xbrlOne web services provides the platform for partners and regulators to support large numbers of customers and fillers.

- xbrlOne contains a self services community and company registry with self service user and right management, billing and subscription management.

Semansys is the global main XBRL technology provider for the software industry. The XBRL technology from the company is used by companies around the world including; Microsoft, Unit4 Business Software, Unit4 Consist, Wolters Kluwer (FRSGlobal), Speedbooks, Cash, Agrovision, and many others using our desktop XBRL OEM components, desktop solution and or the xbrlOne SaaS platform.

The use of open standards allows users of this software to deploy innovative real time business monitoring techniques such as daily balance sheets and continuous auditing. Semansys is closely involved in the development and global adoption of XBRL and realized the world’s first implementation of this standard. Semansys is based in The Netherlands.


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