Product Description

FinDynamics specializes in XBRL data collection, analysis and quality review. We also develop custom Excel templates that automate the collection of hard-to-find disclosure data using XBRLAnalyst.

Financial analysts, accountants and corporate finance professionals use our services for streamlining time consuming data acquisition processes using automated Excel templates linked to a live database of financial reports. We convert Excel templates or build new ones for automatically loading data from newly submitted XBRL reports. This eliminates all the errors of the manual process and saves time!

Filers use our services for identifying data quality issues in their reports and aligning the choice of XBRL tags/dimensions with their industry’s best practices. This increases the attractiveness of their reports to financial analysts and hence improves the coverage of the company by independent analysts.


  • Data Aggregation/Publishing
  • XBRL Consulting
  • Other

Company Description

FinDynamics is focused on making access to and analysis of XBRL financial data as user-friendly and efficient as possible by leveraging the powerful Excel interface. We build Excel-based financial data platform called XBRLAnalyst and strive to make consumption of XBRL data intuitive and affordable.

One of our commitments in that endeavour is to provide free access to our products for academic users and to promote the teaching, research, and adoption of XBRL in the financial sector.


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