Product Description

XBRLAnalyst is an Excel Add-In seamlessly connected to an XBRL database for efficient financial analysis.

*Analysts familiar with such systems as Bloomberg, Capital IQ or FactSet will be pleased with the familiarity of the way XBRLAnalyst provides financial data in Excel.
*Filers will be able to easily review their XBRL filings the way analysts look at financial data.

XBRLAnalyst is offered in three subscription formats. All versions give full access to all available XBRL data. The main difference is in the number of additional features provided for viewing and analysing XBRL-specific information.

1. XBRLAnalyst Standard is the core product at an affordable price intended for independent analysts, investment firms and M&A teams.
2. XBRLAnalyst Corporate adds Dimensions Viewer and Search Tags functionality as well as HTTP/SSL data communication protocol required in corporate networks. It also includes free service for automating Excel templates for financial data acquisition.
3. XBRLAnalyst Premium allows embedding XBRL reports into Excel files and interacting with the data in Excel as if the filing has already been submitted to SEC. In particular, it allows loading international filings in IFRS format.

Tool Features

  • Analytical Tools
  • Instance Document Viewing
  • Quality Assurance
  • XBRL Collaboration Tools

Company Description

FinDynamics is focused on making access to and analysis of XBRL financial data as user-friendly and efficient as possible by leveraging the powerful Excel interface. We build Excel-based financial data platform called XBRLAnalyst and strive to make consumption of XBRL data intuitive and affordable.
One of our commitments in that endeavour is to provide free access to our products for academic users and to promote the teaching, research, and adoption of XBRL in the financial sector.


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