Product Description

Complete Software to Automate XBRL Lifecycle: RegulatorWorks software empowers business analysts to create, manage, and scale XBRL taxonomy models and apps that are change-resilient to taxonomy and application models, even after application go-live. RegulatorWorks eliminates complex and error-prone development cycles of custom development and services approaches to solution delivery.

Unprecedented Taxonomy Productivity: RegulatorWorks’ Taxonomy Modeling Kit is regulator-tested and proven to implement policy and business specifications that instantly realize regulator models in ready-to-run XBRL application software. Taxonomy Modeling Kit is groundbreaking and works the way regulators do – a business companion framework that docks high-level reporting requirements by domain experts into a robust, user-friendly, error-correcting taxonomy development workbench for extremely rapid results. Taxonomies are 100% generated from regulator specifications in a fraction of time consumed by traditional tools and data point modeling approaches.

Immediate Application Generation: Generated taxonomies are input to AppComposer that delivers intuitive, drag-and-drop construction tools to support any XBRL form of any XBRL 2.1 complexity, dimensionality, aggregation, dis-aggregation, and linkbases. Generated XBRL Forms are WYSIWYG, consumer-friendly, rich UI, and runs on popular Web browsers and mobile devices, and 100% enforce regulator taxonomies.

Integrated and Intuitive Submission Planning, Scheduling, and Workflow: Intuitive, Outlook-inspired, Web-based planning and scheduling tools are included to simplify planning and scheduling of submissions. Regulator workflows are visually specified or may be leveraged from existing templates to speed delivery of happy and exception flows for regulator administrative actions. Just as with XBRL apps, all submission plans, schedules, and workflows, are 100% model-driven, hot-pluggable after go-live, and derived exclusively from regulator taxonomies for effective and efficient change management of submissions and analytics.

Elastic Execution Architecture: RegulatorWorks XBRL document processing pipeline is a foundation platform to plan, schedule, and execute massively parallel XBRL data validation, aggregation, and analytics on low-cost, ultra-high-performance storage model. Internally, the pipeline comprises a server application, web applications, content repositories, workflows, and persistence. Taxonomy and Application Models, their generated apps, submission plans, schedules, and execution workflows are 100% model-driven and hot-pluggable after system go-live to vastly simplify scale-out without complex IT support procedures.

Tool Features

  • Analytical Tools
  • Data Aggregation/Publishing
  • Filing Preparation
  • Instance Document Creation
  • Instance Document Validation
  • Instance Document Viewing
  • Taxonomy Creation
  • Taxonomy Validation
  • Taxonomy Viewing
  • XBRL Collaboration Tools
  • XBRL Processors/Software Libraries

Company Description

XBRLWorks, the recipient of Singapore Government’s “Technology Enterprise Commercialization Scheme” (TECS) SPRING Singapore award, dramatically simplifies the implementation of XBRL for regulators by thinking and operating the way they do in their business domain – without technology and complexity encumbrances. Through our flagship “RegulatorWorks™” integrated submission and analytics XBRL platform, business analysts are empowered to ideate, design, develop, deploy, and manage very large instance submissions through configuration and without programming.

We are supported by the Singapore Government and founded by a team of developers formerly with Oracle and SAP, on a quest to converge leading principles from computer science, data science, and mathematical science in a flexible, elastic framework that abstracts XBRL complexity for modeling, design, development, and execution for the most complex semantic data pipelines in submission/collection systems. RegulatorWorks powers leading regulator portals with financial, macro-economic, and demographic filer data spanning tens of thousands of data points per submission, ultra-high-speed search, and discovery.


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