XBRL Taxonomy Tools

Product Description

Taxonomy design, creation and extension are often complex tasks, so it is important to have tools that are easy to work with but also have powerful features to help you with the process. UBPartner provides a range of tools to help them complete the most complex projects.

XBRL Taxonomy Generator
• A desktop application designed for generating XBRL taxonomies from standard file formats, such as Excel.
• Supports several ‘best practice’ approaches to designing taxonomy and enables full taxonomy validation and verification.

XBRL Taxonomy Explorer
• A desktop application designed for reviewing and maintaining XBRL taxonomies.
• The user interface offers multiple views, including concept relationships, calculations, languages, and properties that stay synchronized as the taxonomy is browsed.
• Full taxonomy validation
• Instance and Formula evaluation

XBRL Formula Generator
• A tool to help users define and generate XBRL formulas.
• Uses an Excel interface to capture the rules and then converts them into an XBRL formula linkbase.

Tool Features
  • Taxonomy Creation
  • Taxonomy Validation
  • Taxonomy Viewing
Company Description

UBPartner is one of the real experts in XBRL and provides a full suite of solutions and services – from the underlying processing engine, to desktop development and deployment tools, all the way to packaged solutions for regulators and government agencies.

It delivers its software tools and services via a network of local and global partnerships, which includes leading system integrators, regulatory reporting specialists and major software developers.

UBPartner technology and tools are used today in many advanced and demanding XBRL environments such as market regulators, government agencies and major corporations in France, Belgium, UK, Ireland, Poland, Norway, and Luxembourg and by leading software vendors, such as Oracle, SAP and Infor.


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