Batavia XBRL

Product Description

The Batavia XBRL Java Library exposes an Application Programming Interface (API) that closely follows the XBRL specification. This API enables a developer to perform fine-grained operations on any XBRL component. All XBRL components that can be expected based on the specification of the core or any module are represented with interfaces and implementations.

The Batavia XBRL Java Library contains a validating processor. As a result BXJL can be used to validate (instance, taxonomy) and process every aspect of a taxonomy and/or instance. Using the extension capabilties BXJL offers, modules can be connected to the core to enable additional validation or expand the Application Programming Interface (API) that closely follows the XBRL specification that the module exposes.

BXJL is fully conformant for the XBRL2.1 specification conformance suite.

BXForms is a form based solution for CRD IV reporting

Tool Features
  • CRD IV Reporting
  • Filing Preparation
  • Instance Document Creation
  • Instance Document Validation
  • Instance Document Viewing
  • Taxonomy Validation
  • XBRL Processors/Software Libraries
Company Description

Batavia XBRL BV was founded in 2005 by J2R.
Since 2009 Batavia XBRL BV is operating as an independent company.

Please check out www.batavia-xbrl.com for customer references and further information.


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