Product Description

"SpiderMonkey is an XBRL taxonomy editor allowing the creation of enterprise-strength taxonomies. It includes integrated revision control, multi-user support and public review capabilities. SpiderMonkey is designed for use by subject matter experts, providing a user-friendly interface to simplify the creation of the detailed concept definitions behind the most complex financial and performance reporting system. It allows these experts to concentrate on content rather than trying to understand the underlying technology.

Key elements of the solution:
- Concurrent multi-user support: multiple users can work on the same taxonomy simultaneously, with seamless conflict resolution achieved without the need for the taxonomy to be locked prior to editing.
- Revision control repository: all changes to a taxonomy are tracked, enabling review of, or reversal to earlier versions as required.
- Reporting database: all aspects of the taxonomy development history can be queried; information such as changes made by a particular user or concepts modified within a given timeframe is readily accessible.
- Continuous integration framework: available with SpiderMonkey Enterprise, Decimate® provides quality assurance and automated testing throughout the taxonomy development process.
- Generation of XBRL instance documents based on a chosen taxonomy: Users can review the progress of their work to see how it will appear in reality."

Tool Features
  • Taxonomy Creation
Company Description

CoreFiling specialise in XBRL. Regulators, government agencies and corporations around the world rely on CoreFiling for XBRL-based performance reporting solutions. Senior management and developers are active members of the XBRL consortium which oversees the development of the XBRL specifications.


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