Product Description

"Magnify® is a desktop tool that uses a comprehensive checklist to guide users through the review of an XBRL filing. The application walks you step by step through an assessment of your document, performing automated checks wherever possible.

Magnify will identify which calculations have been applied to the report, and verify that these are correct. If the regulatory regime allows the use of taxonomy extensions, Magnify will check them to make sure that any label overrides that have been created do correlate with the terms used in the financial statements.

Once an error is identified, Magnify highlights the source of the problem. Magnify allows the comparison of document drafts, either in document order or side by side, and data over different periods can also be compared.

Magnify makes it easy to build customised reports to improve understanding of the data being filed. Reports can be reviewed either interactively within Magnify, or exported as a spreadsheet. Once created, reports can be re-run for any selected filing.

Magnify allows drill down into the detail behind the report; tagging decisions can be verified; formal definitions reviewed; and the exact meaning of every figure or piece of text checked.

Key elements of the solution:
- Use comprehensive checklist to review XBRL filings
- Check XBRL documents against filing rules
- Reveal the source of any errors
- Generate documentation as you progress through a logical review of your document
- Compare document versions, in order or side by side
- Compare data over different periods
- Export comparative data to Excel for further analysis
- Review data against other XBRL submissions
- Build customised reports to aid your review process
- Reuse those reports for any selected filing
- Analyse and fully understand the data you are submitting
- CRD IV and Solvency II ready"

Tool Features
  • CRD IV Reporting
  • Instance Document Validation
  • Instance Document Viewing
  • Quality Assurance
Company Description

CoreFiling specialise in XBRL. Regulators, government agencies and corporations around the world rely on CoreFiling for XBRL-based performance reporting solutions. Senior management and developers are active members of the XBRL consortium which oversees the development of the XBRL specifications.


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