Product Description

"Sphinx® helps regulators, accountants and corporates to identify data issues. It assists in the development and enforcement of compliance rules that allow anomalies to be flagged instantly.

In many scenarios the rules can be reapplied within Magnify, CoreFiling's desktop XBRL and iXBRL review tool, to allow report reviewers and examiners to record their findings and make appropriate decisions.

Accounting firms can develop their own sets of rules to check the quality and consistency of the XBRL and iXBRL filings they are creating on behalf of clients, or as an independent review service for their client filings. Analysts and other users of XBRL data can develop ""screens"" of Sphinx rules to capture data quality issues at an early stage and so eradicate them from their models as well as to automatically identify aspects of corporate performance of particular interest.

Key elements of the solution:
- Rules are authored in an optional SpiderMonkey® module.
- Rules may be reapplied within the Magnify® desktop XBRL and iXBRL review tool
- Rules typically run server side, to control workflow or some other process
- Firms can develop individual sets of rules to check the quality and consistency of XBRL documents"

Tool Features
  • Quality Assurance
Company Description

CoreFiling specialise in XBRL. Regulators, government agencies and corporations around the world rely on CoreFiling for XBRL-based performance reporting solutions. Senior management and developers are active members of the XBRL consortium which oversees the development of the XBRL specifications.


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