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Posted on October 11, 2019 by Editor

For all of our readers that are joining us at Data Amplified in Shanghai in just 10 days time, we have a few tips for you to prepare for your trip to China.

If you want to use social media, Google or Gmail on your laptop while you’re in China you may need to use a recognised, reputable VPN. Make sure you have installed and activated your VPN on your electronic devices before departure.

Travellers to China often find that they don’t need to use a VPN for their mobile phone for the duration of their stay as long as they connect (via international roaming) to a local phone network while still at an international airport.

WeChat (China’s answer to Whatsapp, Apple Pay, Craigslist and more) is all pervasive and very useful. It can be a helpful app to download if you want to connect with people or access public Wi-Fi.  It’s also a great way to connect with locals (use the “Scan” function to exchange contact details with people you meet).

While English is often understood in Shanghai, outside the hotel you might want to have a translate app handy. Google translate has a useful instant camera feature that can help translate Chinese characters in real-time merely by taking a photo, and Pleco also comes highly recommended for translating Chinese.

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