Public Working Draft of the Taxonomy Packages Specification Announced

Posted on January 29, 2014 by admin

The XBRL Standards Board and the Base Specification Working Group are pleased to announce the first Public Working Draft of the Taxonomy Packages specification. All draft specification may be fond here: http://specifications.xbrl.org/under-development.html 

Taxonomy Packages allow taxonomy publishers to include descriptive information within their taxonomies in a standardised format.  This information can be used by software to provide a simplified user interface when opening the taxonomy, and also to hide much of the complexity often associated with configuring software to use a downloaded taxonomy.


Prior to this specification, users had to consult accompanying documentation in order to identify the correct files to open within the taxonomy.  Using the Taxonomy Packages specification allows software to present a list of “entry points” with human-readable labels and descriptions.

Taxonomy Packages have been prototyped within the XBRL member community over the last two years, including successful adoption by a number of projects such as Corporate Actions.  This prototype has now been contributed to XBRL International, and has been used as the starting point for an XII standards track.

The Base Specification Working Group is actively seeking feedback on all aspects of this specification, but has specifically requested comment on the approach taken to the handling of URL remappings.
The XSB anticipates that additional requirements gathering in this area will identify further desirable features and encourages members of the community working on XBRL projects to contribute their business needs.



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