XBRL GL Candidate Recommendation

Posted on October 17, 2014 by Dave Nitchman

After a careful process of review, the XBRL Global Ledger 2014 Specification has been given Candidate Recommendation status, meaning it is meets all identified requirements, and is ready for implementation in software. The XBRL Standards Board is also issuing a Call for Implementations, to identify necessary modifications. The XBRL GL Working Group will accept comments until 28 November at gl-feedback@xbrl.org. XBRL GL enables the representation of anything that is found in a chart of accounts, journal entry or historical transaction, financial and non-financial. It allows transactions to be “bar coded” for later exchange, consolidation, audit, aggregation and reporting. 

Access the XBRL GL 2014 Specification: http://specifications.xbrl.org/work-product-index-xbrl-gl-xbrl-gl-2014.html

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