XBRL SE evaluates digital signature solutions

Posted on May 20, 2022 by Editor

XBRL Sweden (or XBRL SE) has released the results of its latest survey, carried out from November 2021 to February 2022, on digital signature services. It evaluates which services are most suitable to provide electronic documents with advanced digital signatures in accordance with the EU’s eIDAS Regulation. This regulation seeks to ensure that electronic identification schemes and trust services work across national borders within the EU, fostering confidence in digital interactions.

“In our evaluation of survey responses, our primary starting point has been to investigate and highlight the solutions where respondents’ advanced electronic signatures can be verified directly with the support of standardized software,” says XBRL SE. It notes that in other cases verification may be possible with the support of the supplier and specially adapted tools, but argues that this should not be considered good practice.

XBRL SE has been active in this area for some time. We are always interested to see jurisdictions to take a proactive approach in matters of importance to their members, and this is one that could also be applied to provide information on numerous other types of digital tools and services.

Read more here (in Swedish).

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