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Digital Signatures at Data Amplified 2023

Digital signatures play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and authenticity of digital business reports. These reports, which can significantly impact an organisation’s value and reputation, require a high level of trust. Digital signatures provide verifiable proof of a document’s authenticity and integrity, ensuring that it hasn’t been tampered with since being signed.

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Introducing Digital Signatures in XBRL

Digital business reports created in XBRL undergo careful preparation, involving a number of skilled individuals, specialised systems, and robust controls to ensure accuracy. As these reports can directly impact an organisation’s value and reputation, preparers, auditors, regulators, and end users must have assurance that the reports remain unaltered and reliable. Bridging this need for trust […]

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GLEIF maps out the future of digital corporate identity

A blog post by Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) CEO Stephan Wolf provides a tantalising view of a new approach to digital identity for business reports (amongst countless other things).

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Digital Signatures in XBRL

The XBRL Standards Board has this week approved for release, as a consultation draft, the first deliverable of the Digital Signatures in XBRL Working Group (or… umm… D6WG). The requirements document has now been published. What’s this about? Is it important? Glad you asked. And Yes.

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Call for participation: Join us to chart the future of digital signatures in XBRL

The new Digital Signatures in XBRL Working Group is now set to hold its first meeting in the coming weeks, and we would like to welcome any additional members who want to be fully engaged on this important question from the get-go.

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Comprehensive report verification at last? GLEIF deploys ‘vLEI’ digital identifier in global first

The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) marked a milestone this week with the first ever use of the verifiable Legal Entity Identifier (vLEI), in the signing of its 2021 annual report.

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XBRL SE evaluates digital signature solutions

XBRL Sweden (or XBRL SE) has released the results of its latest survey, carried out from November 2021 to February 2022, on digital signature services.

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