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Leveraged Loans Vital Financial Information

An article in the Financial Times has highlighted a growing trend for private equity owners in the $1.2 trillion leveraged loan market to structure “covenant lite” lending to the companies within their portfolios, potentially leaving investors in the dark. Interest in leveraged loans – higher risk, higher interest loans for companies with poorer credit history – has […]

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SEC Roundtable on Short-Termism Coming Up

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are hosting a roundtable on July 18 to hear from investors, issuers and others on the impact of short-termism on capital markets. An excessive focus on short-term results in corporate thinking could lead to inefficient capital markets, poor investment returns and economic instability – however, the cause of short-termism […]

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The Value of Transparency

How best to advance and improve corporate reporting? Sometimes to move forward it’s important to go back to the roots, and in a recent report the Corporate Reporting Dialogue (CRD) have done exactly that, looking at the foundational aims for financial and non-financial reporting: transparency and accountability. Transparency and accountability lie at the heart of […]

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This week Steven Maijoor, Chair of the European Securities and Markets Authority, made a speech at the 2019 Eurofiling Conference on the continuous work ESMA are doing to improve the quantity, quality, and availability of data, including in the context of financial reporting. Maijoor says “Financial reporting is a means of communicating and in the digital age […]

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Cut Red Tape with SBR

Almost every political party seeks to reduce administrative burden (or “cut red tape”) before getting into office. The vast majority fail to do so. In the Netherlands, Australia, and now Finland and Ukraine, there are efforts aimed at one of the key “root causes” of reporting burden. Rather than trying to fundamentally change the reporting […]

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ESEF Becomes European Law

After over four years of preparations, multiple draft proposals and a mammoth effort translating the IFRS standards into all official EU languages, the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) became law this week on May 29. The mandate is due to take effect for all IFRS based annual reports issued by public companies and PIEs for […]

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Next Steps For Ukrainian Standardisation

Ukraine have been moving towards mandating XBRL for financial reporting for some time now and this week the National Commission on Securities and Stock Markets (NKTSBFR) announced that the new financial reporting system will officially be launched on 18 June 2019. The new digital financial reporting mandate makes use of the IFRS taxonomy, and will affect all […]

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IFRS Webinar Examines Comparability

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Foundation has published a webinar on improving the comparability of international financial reporting. Standards aim to promote accountability, transparency and efficiency in financial markets around the world – and one key way they do that is through facilitating the comparison of reports. Comparable financial reporting leads to better analysis […]

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Breaking Out of the Paper Paradigm

The advent of the internet forced companies to update the way they shared financial information – however, their new websites didn’t merely replace paper reports in the post, they became an entirely new vehicle for communications. The new form shaped the way we consumed the content – and with the information age once again reshaping […]

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Quarterly Financial Reporting is Easier than Ever

President Trump waded into regulatory policy in characteristic style this August with a tweet that has ignited debate: “Stop quarterly reporting & go to a six month system[…] That would allow greater flexibility & save money. I have asked the SEC to study!” Companies siding with President Trump cite the cost of compliance and the […]

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