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US Updates EDGAR

On 10 June the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that the EDGAR system has been updated to version 19.2. Amongst other changes, the latest update to EDGAR ensures it can support the 2019 IFRS Taxonomy, and EDGAR version 19.2 will no longer support the 2017 US GAAP, 2016 Currencies, 2014 DEI and 2017 […]

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Watch a Webinar on the 9th Ruleset

Want to know more about the recently released Data Quality Committees 9thRuleset? This week XBRL US hosted a webinar discussing the changes proposed in the ruleset, which is out for public review and comment until 15 June. In addition to expanding on many existing rules, the 9th ruleset contains a new category of checks that […]

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Big Data for Better Government

In a series of articles on Forbes discussing the influence of technology on municipal governments and the municipal bond market Barnet Sherman has highlighted the positive effects of data analytics. Technology and data are driving a push for evidence-based policy in municipal governments. Big data analytics is being looked to for better planning and execution, […]

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SEC Propose Amendments to Acquisitions and Dispositions Disclosures

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has proposed amendments and improvements to disclosure rules relating to mergers and acquisitions (and the sale of business assets) and is now seeking comments. The amendments seek to balance the need to provide investors with the information they need to effectively understand the impact of significant acquisitions or disposals with the […]

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A Deep Dive into SEC Amendments

Harvard Law School’s Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation have published a deep dive into the SEC’s most recent disclosure amendments as part of their series on disclosure simplification.

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Data Analysis Reveals Inflated Pay

Why do companies disclose “Non-GAAP” or “Proforma” earnings and performance measures? Is it because accounting standards don’t provide a suitable way to measure and understand corporate business models? Is it because Non-GAAP measures better reflect economic reality, or, at least, the factors under the control of management? Perhaps not.

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XBRL Spreads to Small Business Administration

Great news from the US as contractors and bond agents can now submit data in XBRL format, automating what was a laborious manual process and freeing up valuable time for small businesses.

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US Surety Working Group Review Standards

As mentioned above, the US Surety Working Group have been developing the XBRL US WIP Taxonomy to be used by contractors filing to the SBA. This week the Working Group, which is comprised of surety carriers, bond agents, and software companies, also published a draft release of the Contractors Financial Taxonomy. The Contractors Financial Taxonomy […]

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CII Defends Quarterly Reporting

The highly influential Council for Institutional Investment (CII) have joined XBRL US and the CFA Institute in voicing their support for the SEC’s current quarterly reporting system. In December the SEC posted a request for input on the effects of mandated quarterly reporting and earnings releases. They were looking for comments on the nature, content and timing of reporting, […]

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Structured Data for State Government

In an article on The Bond Buyer this month Marc Joffe makes the case for municipal market data standards. Data and technology featured frequently at the Bond Buyer National Municipal Summit, with concerns coming from data vendors and issuers. However, Joffe points out that municipal bondholders are merely one group amongst many with a stake […]

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