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Is Police data up to scratch? 

With the criminal justice system and police reform in the spotlight recently, it would make sense to examine the data to make informed, effective changes. There’s one problem: the data itself.

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The unexpected Benefits of a Digital Economy

The current pandemic has proven how crucial digitisation is to future-proofing economies, businesses and regulators. A recent article on Money Control looks at the impact India’s lockdown measures will have on shareholder meetings. Timely shareholder meetings are essential for many material aspects of business – and forgoing them could raise the threat of non-compliance. Offering […]

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GREAT Act Passed by US Congress

On Monday the US Congress passed the GREAT or “Grant Reporting Efficiency and Agreements Transparency” Act, previously agreed by the Senate.

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How Can Technology Drive Transparency Across the EU?

Next week XBRL International CEO John Turner will talk about the future of technology and transparency at an EU Commission conference in Brussels, hosted by Deloitte. Transparency is essential for capital markets to function efficiently: investors need to know what they are investing in to make the best decisions for their capital. While the EU […]

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Leveraged Loans Vital Financial Information

An article in the Financial Times has highlighted a growing trend for private equity owners in the $1.2 trillion leveraged loan market to structure “covenant lite” lending to the companies within their portfolios, potentially leaving investors in the dark. Interest in leveraged loans – higher risk, higher interest loans for companies with poorer credit history – has […]

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The Value of Transparency

How best to advance and improve corporate reporting? Sometimes to move forward it’s important to go back to the roots, and in a recent report the Corporate Reporting Dialogue (CRD) have done exactly that, looking at the foundational aims for financial and non-financial reporting: transparency and accountability. Transparency and accountability lie at the heart of […]

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What Does Transparency Mean for Tax?

In a talk at the 2018 IFBM Conference Professor Penelope Tuck, Birmingham University Business School, examined the role financial reporting plays in response to calls for increased transparency about the tax affairs of multinationals.

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BSE Mandate XBRL for Financial Statements

On Monday 18 February Mumbai’s Stock Exchange (BSE) announced that for the financial year ending 31 March 2019 listed companies must file their Annual Reports in XBRL format.

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It’s called ‘Fundamental Data’ for a reason

Better ratings and better bankruptcy predictions are possible with ratio analysis of the financial statements prepared by local government. That requires high quality digital disclosures.

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Enhancing Efficiency Across the Globe

Learn how organisations around world are using new technologies and processes to both increase the efficiency and effectiveness of reporting programs whilst making data more useful and available.

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