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The Bank of England, City of London, UK, at night

Bank of England seeks XBRL Innovations

The UK’s central bank has opened up applications for a new round of its FinTech accelerator program and one of the areas it would like to explore is big data storage of XBRL. According to the regulator, 70%-80% of its regulatory data is in XBRL format and they are interested in new ways to realise […]

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Close-up Of Young Businesswoman Using Online Banking On Mobile Phone In Office

Open APIs to Drive Fintech

The UK is leading the way to open up access to its financial system, according to the UK Payments System Regulator which published its annual report yesterday. The UK has been a prime mover in the effort to ensure that new financial services providers (such as Fintech payment startups) can compete by forcing banks to […]

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Fin Tech and mobile computing concept. Hand holding tablet

IOSCO on Fintech

If you have been involved in almost anything to do with digital reporting or digitisation, you’ll have heard a lot about Fintech. A raft of new technologies and new approaches to finance have the potential to drive very significant change. One area that is deeply relevant to people that want to take advantage of these […]

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Amsterdam business district with office buildings at Amsterdam Zuid, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Commercial Credit is being Transformed with SBR

Dutch banks ABN Amro, ING and Rabobank are leading the effort to shift corporate reporting to credit providers from paper to data.

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The Message is the new Medium: Digital Reporting and Fintech

Fifteen years ago, we used to talk about digital as a model of the real world. Now, digital is the real world. Somehow, the message has become the medium. Kodak didn’t see Instagram coming. HMV never saw Spotify in the rear view mirror. And if, fifteen years ago, you’d told the editor of the Economist […]

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Structured data can help lower the cost of complex new infrastructure.

Structured Data for Asset Backed Securities

The Orange Button initiative is developing XBRL based data standards for solar financing. It could be a model for data-driven decision making.

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business hand clicking fintech or financial technology button on search toolbar with vintage style effect

What’s Ahead for Fintech in 2017?

Having robust structured data as the foundation for FinTech applications will only improve the utilisation and utility of both.

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FinTech Driving Opportunities to Enhance Analysis

FinTech, the new breed of technology that is revolutionising the banking and financial services sectors, is already starting to have a significant impact on how data is being collected, shared and utilised around the world. At Data Amplified, you’ll be able to explore how one company is making XBRL financial data affordable and easy to access for developers, […]

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Blue glowing hardware with particles, computer generated abstract background

Blockchain Disruption

Why do we talk about blockchain so much? Because in this new paradigm, a standard that is powerful in its flexibility, increases efficiency and facilitates the collection and sharing of data that is higher in quality and easier is necessary.

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businessman pressing support button on virtual screenbusinessman pressing support button on virtual screen

FinTech can Accelerate Capital Markets Reform in the EU

recent report by the European Commission highlights the need to accelerate reform through the completion of the first set of Capital Markets Union initiatives in order to “ensure easier access to finance for businesses and to support investment in the real economy”.

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