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A “small revolution”: a French perspective on ESEF and its opportunities

We were interested this week to read reflections on the changeover to the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) and Inline XBRL for financial reporting in Europe, from members of the French Society of Financial Analysts (SFAF, La Société Française des Analystes Financiers) Evaluation Commission.

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A useful point: Calcbench insights on rounding

Just last week we posted on rounding of figures in reports, and how it can cause validation processes to flag calculation inconsistencies that – while they should be checked – should not be a cause for concern, since there is (generally) no underlying error.

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Demonstrating how xBRL-JSON greatly simplifies analytics

Those of our readers who attended Data Amplified will know that Revathy Ramanan, XBRL International’s Guidance Manager, wowed the audience with a live demonstration, building multiple analytical reports on the fly. She has revisited her conference session with a new blog post on the Taggings section of our website, ‘xBRL-JSON makes report consumption easier!’

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xBRL-JSON Makes Report Consumption Easier!

Revathy manages the development of guidance materials at XBRL International. In this article she shares the xBRL-JSON driven analytics that she demonstrated at last week’s Data Amplified conference, with links to explore. The new Open Information Model (OIM) specifications will soon reach ‘Recommendation’ status. There is no time like the present, therefore, to learn how […]

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PwC underline importance of quality Data

This week PwC published a strong call for companies to take full advantage of the recent pivot to digital with high-quality XBRL data.

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What’s Cooking? Disclosures reveal Pandemic’s impact on Restaurants

Calcbench recently published a three-part blog scouring restaurant sector disclosures to discover the data-based story of how much harm the pandemic has caused. Of course, we don’t necessarily need to dig into disclosures to ascertain that restaurant sales went off a cliff in March as lockdowns started to come into force across the US and […]

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How can XBRL and AI work together? 

XBRL is now the standard for financial reporting, providing machine-readable data with vastly improved accuracy and quality to regulators worldwide. With significant amounts of structured data increasingly available, how can AI be used to turn that information into insight? While some AI programmes are designed to be able to deal with data that is unstructured, […]

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Big Data for Central Banks

In the Bank of International Settlements’ (BIS) latest podcast Bruno Tissot, Head of Statistics and Research Support at BIS, discusses how we can best use big data, the opportunities and challenges it presents, and the policy issues it creates. Tissot likes to see big data as organic data as opposed to static data: static data is collected […]

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HOW Much? $5.6 Trillion? XBRL Data Supports Goodwill Debate

A new CFA Institute comment letter demonstrates the value of using structured data to inform debate and underpin policy decisions.

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Where Next for Data?

As the year draws to a close ITProPortal has taken a stab at predicting how data use will change in 2020. Much of their predictions centre around improvements in AI analysis – which the expansion of structured data around the world will help facilitate. They predict that developments in AI and machine learning will mean patterns across […]

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