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Italy publishes preferred national extension design document to assist data comparability

Italy has published lists of preferred national extensions for banks and insurance companies, agreed upon by a wide range of stakeholders. These will help filers add local requirements to ESEF reports, while cutting down on idiosyncratic extensions that get in the way of comparison.

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US SEC deploys XBRL for filing fees

Most of our readers will – we hope – agree that XBRL tagging makes reported data more decision-useful, but have you considered that it can also improve the reporting process itself?

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The future is here: xBRL-CSV and xBRL-JSON reach Recommendation status

We are absolutely delighted to announce that XBRL International’s suite of new specifications, among them xBRL-CSV and xBRL-JSON, has reached final Recommendation status.

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A “small revolution”: a French perspective on ESEF and its opportunities

We were interested this week to read reflections on the changeover to the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) and Inline XBRL for financial reporting in Europe, from members of the French Society of Financial Analysts (SFAF, La Société Française des Analystes Financiers) Evaluation Commission.

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Rounded figures and calculation mismatches

Not all issues flagged by XBRL validation processes indicate a problem in the report. We revisit calculation inconsistencies to see how they can be caused by simple rounding of figures.

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ESEF Errors and Common Pitfalls: 8 – Rounding and Calculations

This is an addition to our series on common errors and pitfalls in ESEF filings, observed through analysis of hundreds of reports collected in our repository, at filings.xbrl.org. For the series introduction, start here. Calculation inconsistencies are common occurrences noted in our ‘ESEF Errors and Common Pitfalls’ blog series. They occur when facts in a report […]

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Indian debt issuers to submit XBRL compliance filings, feeding central database

XBRL implementation just expanded in India, with all listed debt issuers now required to submit compliance filings in XBRL.

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Updates from South Africa: XBRL for state-owned companies, plus new taxonomy and data quality framework

July 2021 saw the third anniversary of the implementation of Inline XBRL for financial reporting in South Africa.

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Using xBRL-CSV for granular data: a proof of concept from XBRL Europe

Demonstrating how the xBRL-CSV format can be used to handle granular data, streamline the reporting process and help users compare and analyse information.

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Updates at FERC: XBRL submissions, guidance, and historical data

Recent days have seen a number of important updates from the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), as it implements its switch to XBRL-based reporting for energy utilities.

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