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New Software Rapidly Emerging

The use of Inline XBRL in Europe for public company IFRS Annual Financial Reports is just around the corner. We’ve seen a remarkable uptick in the capabilities of software and services that can produce Inline XBRL reports with the high level of design fidelity that preparers are accustomed to with PDF and paper-based reports. We […]

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ESMA Clarifies

Speaking of Inline XBRL, on a Eurofiling call this week ESMA clarified a question that we’ve certainly heard from around Europe and the world. Basically — what happens to PDF versions of an annual report? ESMA emphasises that EU issuers are only compliant with the ESEF regulation if the publication of an Annual Financial Report […]

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DQC Publish 11th Ruleset

This week the Data Quality Committee (DQC) published its 11th Ruleset for a 45-day public exposure period, set to end January 3, 2020.

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FRTA Recommendation Rescinded

After the XBRL International Board of Directors voted to formally rescind the Financial Reporting Taxonomies Architecture (FRTA) recommendation earlier this year, the process to rescind the FRTA has now been completed. The FRTA was a no-longer relevant 2005 recommendation on taxonomy design, predating more relevant experience and the 2006 Dimensions specification. It was a guidance […]

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Qatar Stock Exchange Launches XBRL Disclosure Platform

This week the Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) have taken the next step on the road to joining the ever-increasing number of jurisdictions mandating the XBRL standard with the launch of the Q-Disclosure platform.

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Trust, Access and Expansion

In a powerful keynote speech at Data Amplified, Leslie Seidman, former Chair of the FASB and now an independent board member and Audit Committee Chair made some key recommendations for regulators around the world.

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XBRL Drives Actionable Analytics

This week the US Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Chairman Russell Golden gave some insightful remarks on the development, utility and future potential of XBRL data at the 2019 XBRL US Investor Forum on Driving Actionable Analytics. Golden joined FASB at the beginning of the SEC’s voluntary programme of XBRL filing, and has seen the […]

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XBRL Sweden

XBRL Sweden has seen significant growth over the past 3 years, now boasting 39 organisational members across the reporting supply chain, including key regulators, government agencies, accounting organisations and firms, as well as big and small software vendors and consultants. At yesterday’s XBRL Sweden meeting held in EY’s headquarters in Stockholm there was a set […]

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Data Amplified 2019: Enhanced Analysis and Disclosure Research with idaciti  

At Data Amplified 2019 Emily Huang, CEO, and Christine Tan, CRO, co-founders of idaciti, gave an inspiring demonstration of the powerful capabilities of their platform to make XBRL data more usable and understandable. Idaciti have built an impressive piece of software that allows companies, investors, and analysts to efficiently dive into XBRL data, streamlining their […]

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Big Data? High Volume or Highly Granular Data? New xBRL-CSV Specification Published

The XBRL Standards Board has approved the publication of a Candidate Recommendation of the new xBRL-CSV specification.

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