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ING Bank Implements XBRL and Digital Signatures in new Real Estate Reporting

ING Bank in the Netherlands recently launched a new XBRL-based project designed to increase efficiency, trust and transparency in real estate valuation. Following the introduction of XBRL for real estate valuation reports, this new initiative includes the final piece in the puzzle: qualified, digital signatures.

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Bank of England to adopt XBRL for Statistical Submissions

The Bank of England (BoE) recently published a proposal to shift the submission of a range of statistical data into XBRL format.

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Indonesia Extends XBRL to Notes

The Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) has extended the scope of its XBRL taxonomy from primary financial statements to also cover Notes.

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Australia – Time to Digitise?

Countries as distinct and distant as South Africa, the US, China, Korea, Japan, UK and the EU have embraced the digital era of financial reporting for public companies – but not Australia. What’s keeping Australia from going down the digital path?

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The Future of Structured Data discussed at XBRL US Investor Forum

This week saw the XBRL US Investor Forum, packed with useful insights and enlightening talks on all things data.

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Quality Feedback Loop

At the XBRL US/CFA Institute Investor Forum held this week, newly installed XBRL International Chairman, Wes Bricker, gave a keynote address. It focussed on the use of SEC XBRL data, its strengths, weaknesses and next steps.

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Publishing a Taxonomy? New Guidance is available

When a taxonomy is published it generally comes with supporting documents that help the taxonomy’s implementation – but what exactly should be published alongside a taxonomy? New draft guidance published this week indicates best practice in basic supporting documentation. 

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A Pioneer

Professor Robert Eccles has been hugely influential in the modernisation of corporate reporting, with a focus on many aspects of the way that reporting should work to serve both investors and society more broadly.

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China launches new XBRL Receipt Project

In the context of a pandemic, it makes sense to ensure that as much activity as possible is done digitally. Last week saw the unveiling of a new initiative from Everbright Bank: digital bank receipts with embedded XBRL data for reuse and analysis.

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Why Tagging Errors mean Trouble

As data digitisation and XBRL reporting continue to expand worldwide, it’s crucial that companies are reporting accurate, high-quality data. Wes Bricker, Vice Chair of XBRL International’s Board of Directors and PwC Vice Chair, US and Mexico Assurance Leader, recently wrote an article for FEI highlighting the importance of accurate XBRL tagging.

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