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SRB Publish 2020 Taxonomy

Europe’s Single Resolution Board (SRB) is taking steps to protect taxpayers from having to bail out the banks. This week they have published a taxonomy extension in order to facilitate their shift to full XBRL reporting in 2020. The SRB was formed in response to the ‘too big to fail’ problem revealed by the 2008 financial crisis. In […]

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Trust, Access and Expansion

In a powerful keynote speech at Data Amplified, Leslie Seidman, former Chair of the FASB and now an independent board member and Audit Committee Chair made some key recommendations for regulators around the world.

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XBRL US Comments on Modernisation of S-K

XBRL US has submitted a comment letter strongly recommending that the SEC adopts financial data standards for information affected by the Modernization of Regulation S-K proposals. As previously reported, the SEC recently submitted a proposal to amend regulation S-K, including various changes to disclosure requirements designed to improve the readability of disclosures, discourage repetition and discourage […]

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EBA Extends EU-Wide Deadline for New Payment Security Rules

The European Banking Authority (EBA) have pushed back the deadline for the migration to Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) standards across Europe until 31 December 2020, giving national authorities a 15-month extension to implement the new rules. EBA have acknowledged a lack of clarity around the complex requirements and the importance of a harmonised approach across […]

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Adopting the LEI Could Save Banks Billions

Interesting news from the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) this week as research shows that wider use of the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) by banks could unlock an estimated US $2-4 billion across the global banking sector annually. While the LEI has been proving beneficial for identification in regulatory environments for some time now, […]

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India Strengthens Banking Regulation

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) have released their annual report, detailing several supervisory measures that are underway to strengthen India’s banking system. The aim is to improve India’s credit risk and financial performance, and to increase the flow of credit to productive sectors of the economy. Included in these measures are draft guidelines on […]

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Fintech Regulation Across the EU Mismatched

The European Banking Authority (EBA) have published a report analysing how the regulatory framework is applicable to fintech firms, illustrating the changing regulatory status of fintech firms and the different approaches of authorities across Europe. The report has noted two particular developments in the regulatory status of fintech firms. Firstly, many firms are shifting from […]

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Can Regtech Solve the Fintech Problem?

As we’ve reported here before, the financial system is currently undergoing a technological revolution that regulators must respond to. Cryptocurrencies, new payment systems (tap to pay is becoming the norm) and digital banking all need new forms of oversight. At the same time, banking supervision is a highly complex system, with regulatory submissions reaching record […]

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Regulation Must Evolve to deal with Big Techs in Finance

With Facebook’s recently announced intentions to step into the world of finance with the launch of Libra, a cryptocurrency, BIS have published a timely report into the need for regulatory policy to deal with big tech in finance. The entry of big tech into finance does hold the potential for enhanced efficiency and financial inclusion, […]

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SRB Set to Shift to Full XBRL Reporting Next Year

Andreas Weller of the Single Resolution Board (SRB) made a presentation at Eurofiling last week about their upcoming shift to full XBRL reporting. The SRB are the authority charged with forming the single resolution mechanism (SRM) – a framework for the orderly closing (resolution) of failing banks within the EU, and a solution to the ‘too […]

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