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ING Bank Implements XBRL and Digital Signatures in new Real Estate Reporting

ING Bank in the Netherlands recently launched a new XBRL-based project designed to increase efficiency, trust and transparency in real estate valuation. Following the introduction of XBRL for real estate valuation reports, this new initiative includes the final piece in the puzzle: qualified, digital signatures.

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Seizing Digital Finance Opportunities

The Covid-19 crisis has flipped a digital switch, accelerating pre-existing shifts towards digitalisation and the use of new technologies in business and banking.

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Singapore announces RegTech Grant

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has announced the launch of an SGD 35 million Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) to help smaller financial institutions adopt digital solutions for more streamlined regulatory reporting.

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Japan shifts from Paper to Data in digitalisation drive

Japan is a country well known for its traditions. However, although tourists might love seeing locals sporting kimonos in Kobe, when your Covid-19 data is being recorded by hand and sent via fax, it might be time for an upgrade.

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FRC proposes Vision for the Future of Reporting

Many of today’s corporate reporting habits are hangovers from a bygone era before digital technologies crept into every corner of our lives. As such, we have an opportunity to reimagine reporting from the ground up, taking the transformative impact of technological advances into account.

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Estonia: Data-driven Reporting on the Agenda

Estonia has been quietly forging ahead with all things digital for some time now. Seeing as it boasts some of the fastest internet on the planet and the world’s first digital e-Residency scheme, it’s of no surprise that structured data is also on Estonia’s agenda.

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Regulation Post-Pandemic

This year has seen huge changes – from regulatory extensions and shifting deadlines to a wholesale shift in the way we work, Covid-19 has caused serious disruption. But what will regulation look like as the dust settles?

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Discovering the added value of XBRL

Professor Monika Kovarova-Simecek, Academic Director Economic and Financial Communications at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, recently shared her thoughts on XBRL’s role in the digital transformation of financial reporting.

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Singapore makes SME Reporting a breeze

Smaller companies in Singapore are looking at a 90% reduction in time spent filing returns thanks to a new software partnership that aims to automate filing for companies with simple financials.

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Digital Payments accelerate in India

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted an unprecedented shift to digital across the world – from the rise of remote working to teleconferencing improvements and an emphasis on digital operations – and now, in India, a long-desired switch from currency to cards.

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