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XBRL Data Helps Close Off Balance Sheet Accounting Hole

FASB used SEC XBRL data from 2014 to identify over USD $1 trillion in undiscounted lease obligations that were being reported in footnotes. Read about the resulting guidance.

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Entity Specific Disclosures Task Force Gains Momentum

The Entity Specific Disclosures Task Force has begun the discovery phase of its work defining when best to use extensions and to improve the comparability of extensions and the filings that use them.

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Analysts Weigh in on the ESMA Single Electronic Format

The CFA Institute is taking an increasingly higher profile stance on the value of structured data, hosting events with XBRL US and XBRL France and taking action on consultations such as this one. This is a reflection of the growing amount of XBRL data around the world and the increasing benefits of using it for […]

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Your Next XII Newsletter Editor?

In a move that could presage new careers for wordsmiths everywhere, it is becoming increasingly possible to use bots to create text copy based on underlying structured data. This has all sorts of implications. Wired Magazine conducted one test of this emerging technology by having Wordsmith, an automated news-writing bot, create an obituary for noted […]

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