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Machine Learning Analysis of Big Data more effective for Credit Scoring

We’ve heard a lot about the potential of fintech to open up access to credit by using big data and alternative data sources to assess risk – but how do these techniques actually stack up when compared to traditional credit scoring? A recent working paper from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) looks at transaction […]

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US Federal Regulators Accept Alternative Data

Five US Federal financial regulatory agencies have issued a joint statement outlining their thoughts on the use of alternative data in underwriting and credit analysis by banks, credit unions and financial firms. The statement, issued by the Federal Reserve Board (Federal Reserve), the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the […]

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Dimensions Highlights SEC Use of Big Data

Toppan Merrill’s November and December issue of Dimensions includes an explanation from the SEC’s Division of Economic Risk and Analysis (DERA) chief economist S.P. Kothari of the SEC’s current and expanding use of big data. As we highlighted back in August, XBRL helps turn big data into useful information. Making data machine-readable, or, in Kothari’s words, “dramatically […]

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Big Data, Regulation and Policy

What role does personal data play within digital financial innovation? And how can policy facilitate the use of big data while taking account of data protection requirements? Mr Agustín Carstens, General Manager of the Bank of International Settlements, gave a thought-provoking keynote speech on these topics at the 55th SEACEN Governors’ Conference in Singapore. The […]

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Data Amplified 2019: Standardised Data to Transform SME Analytics

Over the past two days Data Amplified has heard a lot about the use of XBRL for standardisation within enterprises. During the plenary Mr Xie Haibin, Deputy General Manager of Finance at PetroChina, presented on how standardised granular data has been beneficial for PetroChina. Xie demonstrated how using structured transactional data has been crucial for […]

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Data Amplified 2019: Granular Data – The Next Frontier?

There is increasing interest in granular data from financial regulators around the world. This means moving thousands of facts around – for example, dealing with transaction data within enterprises. To make sure this data remains meaningful and efficient standards need to provide new ways to exchange information. At Data Amplified 2019 Michal Piechocki, Member of […]

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Data Amplified 2019: China, the First Country to Kill Cash?

Keynote speaker Mr Jerry Zhou, Chairman and CEO of Huifu Payment, gave the audience of Data Amplified an insight into China’s booming payments industry. China’s payment industry is renowned – with most people in China using mobile payment based on QR codes for daily payments. Zhou even argued that you could say ‘China is the […]

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XBRL for Granular Data a Focus at Data Amplified

There is increasing interest in granular data from financial regulators worldwide. There is also an increasing use of structured data using XBRL taxonomies within very large data collections, including inside enterprises. Combined, these new developments mean that our standards need to provide new ways to exchange information in highly efficient ways.

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How to Deal With Big Data? 

The SEC’S Chief Economist and Director, S.P. Kothari, made a speech this summer highlighting how standardisation can help tackle the challenges presented by big data. While big data is certainly not a new concept, the digital era has accelerated data collection immensely, with some estimates indicating that the world now generates more data every two days than all of […]

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Big Data Could Warn of Company Distress

The Danish Business Authority, one of Early Warning Europe’s 15 partners has developed a machine learning tool that uses publicly available accounting data to identify companies in financial distress.

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