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Implications of Data Privacy Regulations on Fintech in Asia

Vast quantities of quality, appropriately shared data is key to developing more efficient financial services that meets the needs of customers in the digital age. How can regulators ensure proper privacy while still ensuring that Fintech firms can access the information they need? A report from ASIFMA this week taps into the growing recognition that collaborative, homogenous regulation and data harmonisation across borders are essential for modern technologies to be properly utilised.

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Data Revolution in Financial Markets: Consequences and Solutions

Markets have always relied on trust and information to function; however, the accelerating changes in the data economy over the past decade require new approaches. In an important speech, SEC Commissioner Kara Stein outlined several issues that financial regulators, companies and markets need to react to. These are issues that “affect you, your money and your identity” as she puts it.

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Central Banks Look to Big Data

A recent Central Banking magazine survey conducted in conjunction with Bearingpoint, shows the increasing importance of big data to central banks – however, also highlights that there are data quality and management issues that need improving to maximise the potential of this information. Working with big data is fast becoming a mainstream activity for central […]

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BoE Accelerates XBRL Data Analytics

Using a big data approach to drive analytics of large quantities of XBRL data, with necessary data structuring, aggregation, ordering and filtering controlled directly from the XBRL taxonomy (the business-led data definitions) has been something of a holy grail for regulators and other large scale users of the standard for many years.

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Smarter Reporting? 

Swiss Re and SAP are rethinking reporting by generating different reports based on different standards, simultaneously.

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Firms Just Aren’t Using their Data Enough

Earlier this year we brought to your attention the fact that firms just aren’t using the massive amounts of data they collect (see story, right). Now there’s new research bolstering that notion. In a new 136-page report, The Age of Analytics: Competing in a Data-Driven World, the McKinsey Global Institute examines the application of analytics, and how businesses […]

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Data Amplified Speakers Tackle Blockchain

Speakers at Data Amplified will bring insight into the way that data standards and emerging technologies like Blockchain, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are repositioning both public and private organisations in an increasingly transparent environment.

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Similar Challenges Face Users of Big Data and Structured Data

Siloing among teams leaves data stranded and managed as a technical, rather than analytical exercise – holding back its use.

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Big Data vs. Smart Data

The business site Forbes has a blog post this week on the problem facing companies with huge amounts of data coming in through multiple streams, which can lead to a situation where an organisation is “data rich but insight poor”. Adding to this problem is that data has a lifecycle, during which its value to […]

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New ways of collecting, sharing and using data. But is it a revolution?

We can’t help but notice that a lot of people in both the public and private sectors are starting to look at XBRL filing data in a whole new way.

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