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Could Open Data address the SME Funding Gap? 

Inspired by the early success of Open Banking, in a paper this week the Bank of England(BoE) explores a vision for open data across the whole economy. The Bank thinks it could help close a £22bn funding gap for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in that country. Data has unique properties that make it more beneficial to access […]

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Indonesia Integrates Financial Reporting

By the end of 2019 Indonesia aims to better integrate nation-wide financial reporting, strengthening the coordination between different financial services with an initiative that will mandate digital reporting and data sharing.

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Open Data comes to EU Business Registries?

This week the EU agreed upon a revision to the Directive on the re-use of public sector information. The new Directive, the Open Data and Public Sector Information Directive, will require member states to make public sector and publicly funded data open and available for re-use. The Directive includes materials held by public sector bodies at […]

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Investor Forum

1st November, 2017

Smart analysts and investors leverage structured data to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase the accuracy of analysis. This half-day forum on 1st November 2017 provides practical information about where you can get structured data on US and non-US companies, on who’s using this data today, and a step-by-step discussion on how to get started […]

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SBR for Data Architects: Service Oriented Reporting

For anyone involved in digitisation of reporting at a government level or that is embracing standardisation to simplify reporting across a supply chain, the principle of Standardised Business Reporting, or SBR is something they will come across, but perhaps need to understand at a deeper level. Now there is a book aimed at data architects and […]

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Enhancing Efficiency Across the Globe

Learn how organisations around world are using new technologies and processes to both increase the efficiency and effectiveness of reporting programs whilst making data more useful and available.

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Sweden Collaborates, Heads towards SBR

Sweden is restarting its efforts with structured data reporting using XBRL.

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Politics and Regulation in the US

Business Reporting is both a political and regulatory exercise, and there have been recent movements on both fronts in the US.

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Turkey Launches XBRL Based Public Disclosure System

Turkey has officially launched its updated Public Disclosure Platform (known by its Turkish acronym KAP) for the filing of IFRS based financial statements and other material facts by listed companies on the Borsa Istanbul stock exchange to the Capital Markets Board.

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Open Government Data Takes a Small Step Forward in the US

A committee of the US Senate has advanced legislation mandating all public federal information in the US be presented in searchable formats and be made freely available for everyone to use.

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