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Modernised, Simplified XBRL Specifications on Final Approach

The XBRL Standards Board has approved the publication of a new Candidate Recommendation of the xBRL-CSV, xBRL-JSON and Open Information Model specifications.

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New XBRL International Filing Indicators specification paves the way for xBRL-CSV adoption

The XBRL Standards Board (XSB) has approved a Candidate Recommendation release of the Filing Indicators specification.  Filing Indicators are a mechanism used by some XBRL filing systems to enable filers to explicitly record which sections (or templates) within a report they have completed. 

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xBRL-CSV gains traction

We’ve seen a growing interest in the new xBRL-CSV specification, with a number of XBRL implementations looking closely at using the format to meet their bulk data collection needs.

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Higher, Further, Faster

One item at this week’s XBRL Europe Digital Week was especially encouraging for those of us focussed on the modernisation and simplification of the XBRL standard. Fujitsu’s development team have been working on a Proof of Concept implementation for the xBRL-CSV specification. xBRL-CSV is designed to simplify handling of very large volumes of data. This […]

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What can xBRL-JSON do for you? 

xBRL-JSON is one of several new specifications to reach candidate recommendation status last week, part of the XBRL modernisation initiative.

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OIM reaches Key Milestone

This week saw the much-anticipated publication of the Open Information Model (OIM) specifications as Candidate Recommendations.

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How to handle Big Data

Central banks and national statistical offices have increasingly been looking to big data sets and analytics to provide new insights – but managing data of this magnitude requires new data platforms. This week a Bank for International Settlements (BIS) report breaks down how best to deal with big data. Novel big data sets – such […]

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Making Standards

The Open Information Model (OIM) specifications, having been through a multi-year development process, are almost ready to be published publicly as Candidate Recommendations. But why has it taken so long? Standards need to be stable – especially when, as with XBRL, they are primarily adopted by risk-averse regulators and policy makers. Specifications also have a […]

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Introducing the OIM

XBRL International is getting ready for the upcoming publication of the Open Information Model specifications as Candidate Recommendations. What is the OIM, we hear you ask?

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Tracking Corona with Transaction Data

The Spanish bank BBVA has used big data technology to track the impact of Covid-19 on Spanish consumption – discovering a 49% average decline in consumer spending. The study looked at anonymised and aggregated data from 1.4 billion card transactions since 2019, demonstrating dramatic changes in spending habits as the crisis took hold. The data […]

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