Significant process changes at the IASB

Posted on November 6, 2015 by Dave Nitchman

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The process for updating the IFRS Taxonomy is currently laid out in the Due Process Handbook for XBRL Activities, which dates back to 2009. An effort is underway to update that process (see proposed amendments to IAS 7 from April) and the IASB has released a new set of proposals for public review and comment.

These proposals are in many ways expanding on what is already taking place in practice, especially with regard to solicitation of public comment and the previously mentioned “in-sync” updates to the taxonomy, but do represent some pretty significant changes. The most recent set of process updates includes IASB approval of IFRS content reflecting new or amended Standards; the establishment of an IFRS Taxonomy Review Panel consisting of IASB members; formalisation of the IFRS Taxonomy Consultative Group; the establishment of a process whereby public consultation is sought on IFRS Taxonomy updates that are released during the year; and “the inclusion of enhancements that reflect current practices and processes, but are not documented in the Due Process Handbook for XBRL Activities”.

IFRS is a very significant driver of XBRL adoption and the taxonomy is in use in multiple countries, so these changes should be considered closely. Comments are due by 3 February 2016. Learn more.  We are very supportive of the proposed changes, especially as they embed the XBRL representation of IFRS  still further into the international accounting standards making process.

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