Transformation Rules Registry Version 3 Released as Candidate Recommendation

Posted on May 14, 2014 by admin

Improved Internationalisation for Inline XBRL

Version 3 of the Transformation Rules Registry (TRR) has been released as a Candidate Recommendation, bringing improved support for international dates and currencies to Inline XBRL.

The registry defines how strings that appear in Inline XBRL documents are converted to the formats required by the tags in an XBRL document.  This release adds support for Danish and Indian date formats, Indian numeric formats, and formats for increased flexibility in the representation of dates of Inline XBRL documents.

This new release of the registry is in response to requirements from around the globe and reflects the growing international adoption of Inline XBRL. Feedback on implementations are requested and may be sent to rendering-feedback@xbrl.org.

“Candidate Recommendation” is an indication that the specification now meets all identified requirements, and is ready for implementation in software.

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