Practices task forces are open to employees of all Jurisdictional and Direct Member companies/organisations. What is your expertise? Have you been recognized for it? Why not join us in the collection, compilation and documentation of the XBRL Body of Knowledge?

Guidance produced by BPB task forces can be found on the guidance area of the website.

Share your Expertise: Join the work of the Best Practices Board through its task forces. It is a great opportunity to get recognition both for yourself and your company. Practices task forces meet once a week via Conference Calls. Members also have an opportunity to network with like-minded experts at least once a year at a F2F round table workshop around the XBRL International Conferences. Get Involved Now!

Share your IDEAS: If your area of expertise is not, yet, listed as an existing focus group, but should be included in the Body of Knowledge, please feel free to send in your suggestions to bpb@xbrl.org.

Taxonomy Design Working Group

Ben Russell and Paul Beckmann

The Taxonomy Design Working Group produces guidance around the different technical considerations of an XBRL taxonomy architecture. TDWG guidance aligns architectural approaches with business goals and helps with the communication of reporting requirements from the issuer to the users. It takes into account the experience of the market with current practices and the future of the XBRL specification as directed by the XBRL Standards Board. The primary audience for guidance produced by this task force is taxonomy architects and authors.

Entity Specific Disclosures Task Force

Louis Matherne, Andromeda Wood

Entity Specific Disclosures Task Force produces guidance to address Entity Specific Disclosure (ESDs) requirements in XBRL reports and taxonomies. The task force focuses on financial reporting domain as the majority of experience with ESDs at the moment is in this reporting domain. The primary audience for guidance produced by this task force are owners of the reporting systems and/or the owners of the base taxonomies.

Implementation Awareness Task Force

Catalina Ibanez


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