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Share your Expertise: Join the work of the XSB through its working groups.  It is a great opportunity to get recognition both for yourself and your company.  XSB working groups generally meet once a week via Conference Calls.  Members also have an opportunity to network with like-minded experts at least once a year at F2F meetings at the XBRL International Conference.

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Base Specification and Maintenance Working Group

Mark Goodhand, Chair

The Base Specification and Maintenance Working Group serves the XBRL community by providing and documenting authoritative interpretations of the XBRL 2.1 specification and by resolving minor issues by way of errata corrections and extensions to the XBRL 2.1 conformance suite.

Formula Working Group

Herm Fischer, Chair

The XBRL Formula Working Group has been created to deliver an XBRL extension specification that supports the declaration of XBRL formulae.

Rendering Working Group

Herm Fischer, Chair

The Rendering Working Group is responsible for the oversight, maintenance, and further development of Inline XBRL and Table Linkbase specifications.

Open Information Model

Herm Fischer, Chair

The Open Information Model Working Group is working to create a simplified, syntax independent model of XBRL, in order to allow easy and robust transformation of XBRL data into different formats such as JSON and SQL. In addition to creating the model itself, the group is working on defining a number of standard mappings of XBRL into other formats.


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