Blockchain Gains Traction in Banking and Finance

Posted on February 5, 2016 by Dave Nitchman

A few weeks ago, we talked about blockchain in the the context of “Smart Contracts”. These kinds of innovations simply won’t work without the support of structured data.

This week, we noticed an opinion piece in TechCrunch Online that has some interesting things to say about the uptake of blockchain technology in the finance sector. The article relates how both the NASDAQ in the US and the Australian Stock Exchange, along with many other financial institutions, are looking to employ the technology as a way to provide shared infrastructure which allows transactions, that can now can take days to finalise, to instead be settled instantly and transparently.

Blockchain will be a matter of discussion at upcoming community events, including the RTE Innovations Conference in Helsinki. Look for more information from XII on this subject soon. In the meantime, read the article.

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