Assertion Severity 2.0 enables dynamic approach to rule severity

Posted on May 7, 2021 by Editor

The XBRL Standards Board has approved publication of a Public Working Draft of the new version of the Assertion Severity specification, and an accompanying requirements document, adding more flexibility to the rules that detect and highlight different levels of issues in XBRL reports.

The Assertion Severity is a modular addition to the XBRL Standard that provides the ability to classify XBRL Formula Rules based according to their severity: Error, Warning or Information. This new version of the specification adds the ability for a rule’s severity to be determined dynamically. For example, error-level rules may be downgraded to warnings under some circumstances. Support for dynamic severity avoids the need to duplicate rules in this situation.

This new version further enhances the ability of XBRL Taxonomies to fully capture filing requirements in an open, standard and structured format.

The Formula Working Group invites comments on both the draft Assertion Severity 2.0 specification and the requirements document behind it, both of which can be found on the XBRL Specifications site.

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